Momentous Beauty Lounge  offers a variety of nail services, including nail

extensions, manicure and pedicure. Visit us in our salon based in DI I C.


Nail Extensions

Book a consultation at Momentous Beauty lounge today! Our nail experts have a

keen eye for detail and will precisely assist you in your nail extension needs.
All of our beauty treatments are carefully tailored to meet your individual

specifications and taste. Rest assured that we use only premium quality nail care


Manicure & Pedicure

Even your nails, hands and feet need some pampering after a hectic week at work!

Drop by Momentous Beauty Lounge and indulge in a soothing manicure/pedicure

session that will make you feel revitalized.

No matter how many times you visit us,  we still guarantee the same excellent

customer service and personalized approach to your beauty concerns and needs.